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Most online gaming players have been depending on Moneybookers to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts .Do not be shocked to find that Money bookers is no more. This is because Moneybookers has rebranded to Skrill. The Skrill will continue with the business that that Moneybookers has been doing for about a decade of providing safe and creative ways for customers to make their online payments. Over that period, they have acquired a lot of respect and trust from their customers. Skrill casinos have received the rebranding with much excitement. So you can confidently move on to the Skrill e-commerce platform.

As soon as the rebranding is complete, you be assured the first class service that you have always enjoyed from Moneybookers at Skrill Casinos. You will now enjoy an expanded network with additional services which were not available in Moneybookers. Apart from funding your Online Casino account using debit card credit card or transfers from bank accounts, you will be able to send money to anyone throughout the world by email. In addition, you will also be able to receive and send make payments as well as transfer funds with your Skrill account.

To get these benefits, you need to register a Moneybookers account. Once the transition is complete, your account will be automatically transferred to the rebranded Skrill account. Current Moneybookers accountholders will continue enjoying the benefits without making any changes for now. They will be required to make some very straightforward updates when the transition is complete to update to the new logo .The secure and reliable Skrill account will raise ecommerce to a new level. You should bear in mind that the Skrill will not allow you to open a gambling account in the USA. This is because of some restrictions on gambling in the country. You can only open such account if you are living outside the USA.

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